Friday, March 28, 2008

"Zink's character's are self-contradictory, arbitrary, generous, prejudiced, sensitive, self-pitying -- complicated, in other words. You end up liking them in spite of it, or more probably because of it."
-- The Pittsburgh City Paper

"William Zink's Ohio River Dialogues is. . . Not quite a novel. Not exactly a play. Not a stream of seemingly disconnected stories that somehow magically intertwine perfectly at the end. Instead, he presents us with a hybrid of these, and what emerges is revolutionary. Indeed, Zink might soon be credited with creating a new form of literature."
-- The Main Street Rag

Ohio River Dialogues is a Finalist for the 2008 Ohioana Fiction Award

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nmolinaro said...

Congratulations, Will. Glad to see this recognition for your work. I enjoyed the read.